Aramith Billiard Ball Restorer 250ml


Remove the very hard spots with the new Aramith Ball Restorer. It has been especially conceived for the repolishing of Aramith phenolic balls that have accumulated a lot of chalk, dust and hand grease. To achieve the ultimate shine on balls we recommend to use with the Aramith ball cleaner.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Aramith Billiard Ball Restorer

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Product Description

Directions for use

  1. Shake well the bottle.
  2. Apply a drop of Aramith Restorer upon the ball.
  3. Rub well (with an Aramith Micro-Fibre Cloth).
  4. Apply a drop of Aramith Cleaner upon the ball.
  5. Rub again (with the Aramith Micro-Fibre Cloth).
  6. Make the ball shine with a piece of dry cloth or paper or with an electrical buffer.

*Bottle of 250ml

**Important notice: The Aramith liquids are silicone free.

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Additional Information
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