Aramith Cue Ball 2 1/16"


Unsurpassed in quality, each ball is made with Aramith's unique phenolic resin making them among the sturdiest and most impact resistant balls on the market.

6 Reasons to Choose Aramith™ Billiard Balls

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Product Description

Internationally approved and used all over the world, the Aramith Cue ball is by the far the professional pool player's choice.

The Aramith Cue ball is manufactured from phenolic resin, which provides it with the perfect ball weight, balance, shape and colouring. Due to the nature of these materials the balls have been tested and found to still be in a very good condition after 400,000 hits!

  • Made out of phenolic resin
  • Will enhance your performances
  • Scratch resistant
  • Ball phenolic surface is designed to be burn spot resistant - minimises wear to table cloth
  • Balls have been proven to still be in perfect condition after 400,000 hits
  • Surface elasticity - provides optimal ball rebound
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Aramith
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Size 2 1/16
Game Type Snooker
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