Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro 1G Snooker Ball Set 2 1/16"


The Aramith 1G snooker ball sets undergo a level of tolerance never seen before with an Aramith ball set and have really put them at the pinnacle of the industry. The weight of each ball is matched within 1 gram (that is where the 1G element of the product name comes from), not the 3 grams of the normal Tournament Champion set.

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Aramith supplies specific snooker ball sets to the World Snooker professional players Association (W.S.A.) for more than 40 years.

These sets are quite special: while their packaging and design make them look pretty like the regular Aramith Tournament Champion snooker sets, they are in fact drastically different and allow the W.S.A. professional players to reach the highest scores during the W.S.A. competitions.

The main characteristic of this set is the maximum weight tolerance allowed : while the maximum weight difference between balls in a regular Aramith Tournament Champion snooker set (or a Super Crystalate snooker set) is 3 grams (official specifications), the maximum weight tolerance of our special W.S.A. set is only 1 gram.

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Additional Information
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