Artemis Pool Table Cushion Set K66 Profile


This super-fast and accurate cushion rubber gives you years of quality play and service. These cushions are full gum-rubber, Premium-grade cushion quality unlike extruded rubber which has fillers added. Measures 1 1/8" x 1 3/16". Check measurements to order correct size. Six-piece set, 48" per piece. Control fabric on the top and back. The K66 profile is the most popular and is found on most tables. Made in Germany.

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Product Description
K66 Artemis Rubber Cushions - Set of 6 cushions

Complete rail repair and rubber replacement available. Contact Us or find your nearest Thailand Pool Tables Store here.

Replacement set of Artemis K-66 profile rubber cushions. Available in 48 inch lengths for all 7, 8, and 9 foot pool tables using K-66 profile cushions. 

k66 profile bumpers

K66 profile cushions have a dimensional height of 1 3/16" and a top angle width of 1 1/8" or slightly over 

In contrast to many less expensive billiard cushions Artemis tournament billiard cushions are precise moulded with two fabric backings. Dimensional consistency is maintained throughout the entire length with accurately maintained machinery, moulds and closely monitored production techniques.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Artemis
Game Type American Pool
Cushion K66 Profile
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