Atari PONG Arcade


The Atari Pong® Arcade Table is perfect for any local arcades, entertainment venue or gaming room. Features include 1 & 2 player game modes, coin-operated and ticket dispensing mechanisms, elevated height structure for standing play, and more.

​Make your venue stand out by having one of the most sought after gaming pieces available.


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Product Description

Today with most entertainment products being quite isolating, the Atari Pong® Arcade is an embodiment of turning back the time and bringing back the personal side of games. The table brings together the high-tech mechanical engineering of today and everyone’s beloved game from the ‘80s.

ATARI Pong® Arcade is inspired by the classic Atari game. There are no screens or digital software; the game is recreated with motors, rails, pulleys, and magnets.

Five motors drive the mechanism combining logic to simulate the 2D physics of the original game. The ball and the paddles are all controlled by magnets underneath.

With the ATARI Pong® Table you will experience the reincarnation of the ATARI Pong game on a whole new dimension.

 Atari Pong Table - Thailand Pool Tables

Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Atari
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
System Coin-Operated
Color Black
Table Dimension L 142 x W 86 x H 80cm
Weight 160kgs
Packing Dimension W 153 X D 96 X H 100cm
Packing Weight 190kgs
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