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We are the true experts when it comes to billiard tables because we are actually a billiard company that understands all of the games and accessories that go with your tables. Selecting a billiard table from us is a good investment. No other pool table company can match our service and quality of product!

Visit our 1000 sqm. showroom on Rat Burana every day from 10am to 7pm.

Call us: +66 (0)81 823 4627

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aramith pool ball

Pool Balls

kamui snooker and pool cue tip

Cue Tip & Tools

cpba and simonis billiard cloth color choice

Table Cloth

delta-13 billiard pool triangle rack

Triangle & Racks

billiard table accessories

Table Parts & Accessories

pool table with dining top and bench

Benches & Tops

billiard light

Billiard Lights

simonis x1 cloth cleaner


Billiard Accessories Buying Guide Blog

Buying Guide

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1 Item(s)

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