Aramith Snooker Tournament Champion Pro Cup Balls Set 2 1/16"


This set of British style 2-1/16" regulation snooker balls comes complete with fifteen red balls, unnumbered colored balls two through seven and as an added bonus, a Pro Cup "dotted" cue ball. 

Aramith produces some of the highest quality balls on the market today. This ball set meets all professional quality specifications for density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, gloss, hardness and weight. Aramith Belgian balls also have outstanding endurance through a hardened vitrified surface with an ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance.

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Product Description
  • Simply the best balls available, used in major tournaments. Buy from an official Aramith distributor.
  • 2 1/16" Aramith Tournament Champion 22 Snooker Ball Set; Matched Professional Set- precise calibration of each ball for maximum consistency in the set; Worldwide Endorsement- the preferred set used worldwide in tournaments and championships because of its uncompromisable quality
  • Outstanding Endurance- through hardened vitrified surface with ultra high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance; Lowest Yearly Table Cost- extra durable smooth surface that minimises cloth wear and tear, extending cloth life
  • Professional Quality Specifications- for all criteria; density, balance, diameter, roundness, colour, glossiness, hardness and weight; Approved for all tournaments by the World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association
  • Enhances the performance and enjoyment of players; Suitable for all standard 12" snooker tables; Balls are brand new and supplied in a cellophane wrapped box
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Additional Information
Brand Aramith
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