Pool Table Storage

pool table safe storage at thailand pool tables

Are you moving or renovating or simple dont have space for your Pool Table at the moment?

Thailand Pool Tables can store your pool table until you are ready to have the pool table installed back. We provide the full service to uninstall and safely pack your table for storage.

Don't risk damaging your table, tearing or dirtying your cloth or cracking your slate when this job is handled by unprofessional billiard companies or other contractors or furniture movers, they are simply not trained to work with Pool Tables.
Our team will ensure that your pool table is safely and securely stored until you are ready to have it back.

Storage fees are paid in periods of 3 months in advance. We use foam sheet to securely wrap your table, and then store it inside our giant wood boxes built specifically for this purpose.

- Table Storage in our Warehouse: 1500 THB per table per month

- If you intend to sell your table, and would like to store it while displaying it for potential buyers, we can also do that for you: Table Display while storage in our Showroom: 2500 THB per table per month