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Like many other disciplines in the past, cue sports is having an evolution of its own. While this has been an illusive dream for some years, it is now very much real…Carbon Fiber Shafts. Tennis, Golf, to name a few, have all embraced this innovative equipment upgrade that is carbon fiber. It was rapidly applauded upon launch, about 4 years ago lead by the Predator Revo Shaft, the first of its kind, the excitment of something new and at the same time the fear of the unknown. Carbon Fiber Shafts were quickly put back into the drawer, too different ? too good ? game changer ? As it stands now, change was inevitable and the then once detractors became the ambassadors of this exceptionnal innovation.

So why making the switch from a wooden pool cue shaft to a carbon fiber shaft ? Like others sports, pool is very much based on feelings and sensations as the player's experience grows throughout the journey, metrics are hard to define in order to assess the perfomance of equipments and compare the stats. So why are carbon fiber shafts better and which one holds the crown ruling them all ?


To be better you have to play better it is undeniable and that's exactly what carbon fiber shafts are about. The sensation might feel strange at first for one used to playing with a wooden shaft but very quickly this sensation of comfort and confidence settles in and raises the question as to "Why didn't I switch earlier ?"

The primary criteria looked at when it comes to a pool cue shaft's performance is deflection. This very basic physic concept of the game is an eye opener once understood. Breaking news, carbon fiber shafts do not have absolute zero deflection, they still have a tiny bit of deflection, nonetheless the difference with wooden shafts is shocking. Exit the head scratching aim adjustments and compensations, exit the doubts when going down on a shot, the game just becomes flawless. A window of infinite possibilities opens up and allows you to solely focus on the most important fundamental, your stroke, like a perfect extension of the visualisation and execution, it will deliver beyond expectations.


Due to its natural properties, wooden shafts age with time and while there is a clear visual change, their performance is slightly altered as well over time, losing some of the punch that it had compared to the very first hit when taken out of the packaging. Worry no more with carbon fiber shafts as you will get served with the highest level of consistency and durabillity, like an iron man of some sort. No dings, no dents, easy to maintain and most importantly boasting your confidence level at the table knowing exactly what you're getting nights in and nights out, a lifetime investment.


While the Predator Revo Shaft has enjoyed a long period of dominance as it was the first new generation of carbon fiber shafts to be introduced, this head start has considerably shrunk and it is now facing stiff competition mainly from the Cuetec Cynergy and Mezz Ignite. Others entered the dance as well nevertheless these 3 are by far the most popular carbon fiber shafts. So what's the difference between the members of this leading trio ? To put it in a simple way Revo has the lowest deflection out of the three, it will be very astonishing at first and will require some adjustments to get used to it. The Mezz Ignite is the stiffest out of the three and offers a solid hit with close to zero vibration on extreme draw/follow shots. The Cuetec Cynergy is in between offering a unique feedback that the wooden shafts nostalgics will feel comfortable with.

All in all, are carbon fibers shafts worth all the hype that has been growing over the years ? Absolutely. Will you see notable improvements in your game when switching to them ? Without a doubt. Is there one that is better than the other ? There is no generic answer as each and everyone has different play style and looks for different sensations, best way is to try and see which one fits you best.

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