Cuetec Cynergy Shaft Composition

Carbon Fiber Technology
The Cuetec Cynergy Carbon Composite Shafts are engineered with multi-plies of resin-impregnated military grade unidirectional carbon fiber filaments. The average diameter of the filaments is 7 um(0.007 mm), approximately one twelfth of a human hair. In order to achieve ultimate durability, strength and perfomance, a great effort was put into the orientation of the carbon fiber filaments. A complex process occuring during the heating procedure guarantees zero net displacement resulting in a super strong and straight shaft.

Revolutionary Polyurethane Foam Core
The ultra-high-density polyurethane foam core provides superior stability to the shaft and offer a feel and sound that will appeal to wood shaft users.

Flyweight Front-End Construction
Deflection is highly influenced by the weight ratio reaching peak with minimal weight. The Cuetec’s flyweight front-end build provides less deflection upon contact. The construction consists in the Cynergy poly-foam to stop five inches below the tip, creating a rigid cavity with less mass.

SST (Super Slim Taper)
Developed to provide the most comfortable playing experience, each Cuetec Cynergy shaft features the all-new Super Slim Taper. Measuring 15.5 inches in length from the tip, each Cynergy shaft has virtually zero rise, allowing for a more level and precise stroke, regardless or the player’s stroke length.

Thin White Sighting Ferrule
At only .25 inches long, the light-weight, thin white sighting ferrule on each Cynergy shaft not only aids in aim contrast and depth perception, but it also provides a more familiar and stable platform for tip maintenance and replacement over the life of the shaft.

12.5mm Tiger® Sniper Tip
Featuring 10 layers and made of carefuly selected boar hide tanned, the Tiger Sniper Tip is made via a process called Vaculam which eliminates the presence of air between each layers. This allows the Tiger Tip to hold chalk better and ensure a superior control along with consistency.