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10 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cornilleau Table Tennis Table

10 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cornilleau Table Tennis Table

Indoor Table Tennis Table

  • Made of a painted chipboard table top.
  • Better rebound.
  • Good quality/price ratio.
  • Does not resist sun, humidity, and outdoor conditions.

cornilleau 500 indoor table tennis table

Outdoor Table Tennis Table

  • Made of a resin laminate tabletop.
  • Can stay outdoor all year long. (Resistant to rain frost, snow and sun).
  • Are much more resistant than indoor ping pong tables (especially to racket blows and impacts).
  • 90% of private households choose outdoor table tennis tables.

cornilleau 700m outdoor table tennis table

An outdoor table even on the inside

cornilleau outdoor table tennis table

We strongly recommend that you choose an Outdoor table tennis, even when they are exclusively for indoor use (garage, cellar, etc.) Just as high performance for playing, Cornilleau's Outdoor tabletops have the advantage to be weather and shock resistant so they are ultra-durable. That's why we guarantee our Outdoor tables for 10 years compared with 3 years for the Indoor versions. So don't hesitate for a second, whatever your style of Ping, opt for our Outdoor table tennis tables. You won't regret it!


In order to chose your ping pong table, it is important to define your needs understand the tables features.

cornilleau table tennis table specs


Bounce height depends on the thickness of the playing surface. For either chipboard tabletop or resin laminate, the thicker the panel the better the bounce.

Outdoor Tables

  • Resin Laminated Table tops Tables can stay outside without deteriorating and are extremely resistant to racket blows. (From 4 to 9mm thick).
  • Cornilleau has been a pioneer in "outdoor" ping pong tables for the garden. They are designed with anti-corrosion materials ensuring resistance to bad weather.

cornilleau outdoor table top

Indoor Tables

  • Chipboard panels ensures a good quality rebound and a good quality price ratio. From 19 to 25mm.

cornilleau indoor table top

Outdoor Table Coating

  • Standard Coating: To enjoy a good ping pong game and provide maximum comfort, Cornilleau chose not to provide this type of coating.
  • SOFTMAT: 3 times less glare from the sun - available on tables: 100S, 150S, 250S
  • MATTOP: 10 times less glare from the sun and improved transmission of spin - available on tables: 500M, 700M, Pro 740 Longlife, Pro 510M, Pro PARK.

cornilleau outdoor table coating

2. THE FRAME: provides the flatness and rigidity of the panel.
  • The thicker the frame, the flatter the panel (from 30 to 60mm).
  • All our table tennis tables are conceived with aluzinc metal frames, an anti-corrosive alloy for a better durability.

cornilleau frame


Legs ensure the table's stability. A large diameter provides better stability to the table.
Furthermore, a larger feet will not sink into the ground.

cornilleau legs


The patented "Compact Technology" system ensures optimum safety, easy movement and minimizes storage space requirements.

Some of our Table Tennis tables are equipped with Push'n'Lock and other with a DSI system. The DSI system is currently the highest safety system on the market with 16 locking points.

  • Push'n Lock: Separate opening and closing buttons.

With 8 buttons located on the sides of the table. The opening and closing can be done easily by a single person. Available on ping pong tables 100, 100S, 150S, Vitamin, PSG

cornilleau push'n lock

  • DSI: Centralized opening and closing handle.

Using a central handle, the table can be opened and closed with extreme ease. The DSI Integrated Double Security has 16 locking points. Available on ping pong tables from model 250, 250S, Black Code, 500, 500M, 740 ITTF, 740 Longlife ITTF, 850 Wood ITTF, and 700M.

cornilleau dsi


cornilleau features

  • Table Corner Pads: Corner pads provide maximum safety for your kids.
  • Wheels with Brake: Brakes provide even more stability during the game and more safety in storage position.
  • Ball Dispensers: Ball dispensers are located by the side or the players, really convenient to always have a ball ready.
  • Easy Track: This handle enables you to easily lift the table over any obstacles (steps, edge of the terrace, doorway).

cornilleau features

  • Racket Holders: Racket holders provide storage for spaces for rackets and balls on the side of the tables.
  • Retractable Net: The net swivels automatically between the two panels when you close the table, further optimizing storage space and providing better safety when stored.
  • Adjustable Net Height and Tension: Keep your net always straight, with this adjustable height and tension system.
  • Adjustable Feet: Wide leg pads enable you to adjust the height of the feet and ensure table tops are perfectly level where the ground is uneven.


cornilleau oversized outdoor wheels


The diameter (200 mm) of our new Oversize wheels, combined with their ultra-robust design, offers unique clearance (curbs, terraces, pavements, etc.)


The bracket links the two wheels at the very spot where there are the greatest mechanical stresses. As such, our engineers, have taken very special care with the design of this part, in order to make the table incredibly easy to manoeuvre in any situation.


The greater the number of wheels the greater the load-bearing capacity. As such, the use of wide, twin wheels (38 or 32mm according to the models), with a flattened composite tire, significantly improves the manoeuvrability of the table, especially on varied (lawn, gravel, wooden terrace, etc.) or uneven terrains.

January 27, 2020
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