Mosconi Cup Stage

With the eyes of the pool world set to be focussed on Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas this November 25-28 for the most anticipated event of the year, Aramith’s ‘Tournament Black’ ball set will debut on the biggest stage in 9-ball.

Matchroom and SALUC have a long-standing relationship dating back to the 1990s, over which time Aramith Pro-Cup balls have become the industry standard. Earlier this year Matchroom and SALUC agreed a three-year extension of their current partnership and began working together to create the ‘Tournament Black’ set, which will be used at this year’s partypoker Mosconi Cup and all future Matchroom Pool events, including the 2020 US Open 9-Ball Championship.

Team USA with Trophy at Mosconi Cup

Yves Bilquin, COO of SALUC, said: “Aramith have created a brand-new ball set design coupled with the ultimate quality. We are thrilled to have collaborated with Matchroom to also find a new colour scheme that will enhance the viewers’ experience.

“Matchroom have always excelled in the promotion of the most prestigious pool events worldwide, amongst other sports. As the best and oldest billiard ball manufacturer we are very proud to continue and strengthen a partnership of more than twenty years and offer the pool community a groundbreaking new product of unrivalled quality that will bring the game to the next level for viewers and players alike.

Emily Frazer, COO of Matchroom Multi Sport, said: “2019 has been the start of a very exciting time in 9-ball for Matchroom Pool; each of our events more magnificent and successful than the last.

“As our events grow, our partnerships grow and it is great to have such a long-standing and strong working relationship with Aramith.

“As a team we have come together and created a new design for Matchroom Pool events and our TV broadcast whilst keeping in line with the upmost quality in which SALUC are regarded so highly for.

“The ‘Tournament Black’ set will be launched at this year’s partypoker Mosconi Cup at Mandalay Bay and what better event to display our new masterpiece as well as some other ‘outside the box’ changes. How exciting!”