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Outdoor Pool Table Care & Maintenance

Outdoor Pool Table Care & Maintenance
February 18, 2021 292 view(s)
Outdoor Pool Table Care & Maintenance
If a regular pool table is already an investment, think about an outdoor pool table, given the fact that it will be exposed to way more external abuse than any other table. Therefore as a current or future owner of an outdoor pool table, we will go through the different steps that will help you to have your table looking as good as new at all times.


The harsh weather conditions of the tropical climate offered by Thailand can be difficult to withstand even for the toughest ones, extreme heat, high humidity, heavy rain… It is recommended to have the table covered when not in use with a full drop down waterproof cover. This will considerably contribute to keep your table in top shape and avoid potential wear built up over time by continuous extreme exposure.
In addition covering the table when not in use will prevent the accumulation of dust/sand/debris which can cause damages to your pool table cloth over time.


The cloth is probably one of the most used part of the table, consistently being put to test with the balls friction, breaks and therefore requires attention to extend its shelf life. A build up of dust, chalk and other materials can cause the cloth to wear down quicker and of course affect the run of the balls when playing.

It is recommended to cover the table when not in use to avoid the above, as well as using a cloth colour matching chalk, residue of a different colour chalk will leave more visible marks on your pool table cloth.


Regular brushing with a pool table cloth brush is a great way to help maintain its condition. When brushing the cloth, we recommend that you do so gently and in one direction only, starting at one end and working your way down the table. It is recommended to brush the cloth at least once a week.

Our outdoor pool tables feature a special outdoor cloth that is water resistant, in case you get caught by the rain panic not, just wipe out the water with a cloth before putting on the full drop down waterproof pool table cover.


Over exposure to sunlight for extended periods of time can have an impactful effect on the cloth of your table as the UV lights will penetrate the fiber of the cloth and cause the colour to fade at a faster pace. To protect against fading we recommend that you cover your outdoor pool table whenever it is not in use.


Outdoor tables are constantly battling with the weather conditions, eventhough not visible to the naked eye, such as dust particles, sand, humidity etc… We therefore recommend to rinse the frame of the outdoor pool table with water once a week to clear away dust, sand and other particles in order to keep them from building up over time. Once the rinsing is completed, we recommend to use a cloth to wipe the frame dry.


This may seem like common sense but it is advised to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your table i.e. sitting, leaning heavily or standing on it. By doing so, you will run the risk of damaging the table, making the playing surface uneven and marking the cloth.

The Outdoor Table’s playing surface features a one piece slate that can become unlevelled if heavily leaned on over a prolonged period of time which will result in an unlevelled table affecting the roll of the balls.

If you need to move your table, we recommend that you hire the services of a professional Pool Table installer. Nevertheless it is advised not to move the table at all if possible once installed. Incorrectly moving your table around without the right knowledge or expertise can result in costly damages.


Keep food, drinks and cigarette smoke away from your table to avoid accidents that can cause damage to or mark your table. Pool Tables do bring people together and are great for socialising but it is better to make sure any food and drink is kept away from them and it goes without saying that you should avoid the ultimate sin of resting your drink on the top frame between shots.


Despite not being obviously visible, pool balls accumulate debris and chalk residue over time, this will be deposited onto your table and eventually damage the fiber of your pool table cloth.

We recommend to use a micro fibre cloth along with Aramith Ball Cleaner to wipe the Pool Balls as often as possible.