I became a WPBSA (Formerly Billiards & Snooker Control Council) qualified coach in 1988. I attended a weeks training course at Lilleshall National Sports Centre with the National Coach at that time, his name was Jack Karnham. The man responsible for the Dennis Taylor spectacles.

In 1992 I was sponsored to play on the professional snooker circuit and soon became aware that although I could knock in 100 breaks, I did not have the mental strength of the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins and Mark Williams. I started playing pool when I came to live in Thailand 10 years ago. Both snooker and pool has given me a lot of enjoyment (and frustration) and now I have decided to help others play better through my coaching experience.

I can help you play better by giving you an understanding of the fundamentals and science of cue sports.

John Disney

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