Dirty Ball Set on a Pool Table

Before we dive in with the tips, when it comes to maintenance there are a couple of things that every pool table owner must know:

  • Number 1 - A Pool Table Cloth doesn't last forever : Upon purchasing a pool table, many think that aside from a few cue tips to be changed in the future, the other elements are set to stay. A Pool Table cloth has a shelf life and you will be required to change it from time to time depending on the frequency of usage. In general for a home use table the change would occur every year or year and a half whereas for commercial locations such as pool halls, the cloth will be changed every 6 to 8 months.
  • Number 2 - The small details matter : There are many elements that contribute to help maintain or damage a Pool Table cloth, it is imperative to understand what role each of those play and how to make the best use of them to keep your Pool Table cloth in tip top condition.

These little white spots that appear overtime and no matter what you've tried you can't get rid of them, these are burn marks ! Yes that's right, burn marks, but how can that happen ? how does my cloth get burn ? This is a natural phenomenon resulting from the friction between the ball and the cloth. When playing a shot, upon impact the ball suddenly accelerates and generates a friction, creating heat which gradually burns the top-most fibres of the cloth, resulting in the discolouration of the cloth in spots over time. We will see in the tips below how to best reduce the effects of this phenomenon.

Burn mark on Pool Table cloths


No.1 - GET A QUALITY POOL TABLE CLOTH : there are many brands available varying in price, the most common mistake is to think that they are all the same. While it looks like a good bargain at first, budget pool table cloths will show their flaws very quickly such as low resistance appearing wore down much quicker than a premium cloth. The two main cloth brands that we recommend are CPBA Cloth and Simonis Cloth, both are high quality worsted cloth with increased resistance and longer durability.

No.2 - NO TALC POWDER : due to humidity wooden shafts get sticky during the course of a game, a cheap remedy that has been heavily popularised through the years is the use of the talc powder. Unless it is a specialty talc made for pool tables cloth such as Silver Cup Talc or Master Cone Chalk, do not under any circumstances use talc powder, it will penetrate the fibers of the cloth and leave unremovable stains making your pool table cloth look old in No Time.

No.3 - GET A QUALITY POOL BALL SET : While in appearance they might look similar, each ball set are not created equal. Budget Ball Sets are made of different elements including plastic which deteriorates quickly and will leave marks all over the place. Aside from getting the cloth dirty these types of sets have a very low impact resistance and will get chipped further damaging the cloth. We recommend Aramith Ball Sets, the number one brand on the market, it's the only company that makes ball set with Phenolic Resin Composite thanks to a secret formula copied by many but never replicated. Aramith Balls are the reference in the industry and are 50 times more resistant than any other balls reducing the friction effect, helping to extend the shelf life of your pool table cloth.

No.4 - COVER THE TABLE WHEN NOT IN USE : A Pool Table Cover is highly recommended especially if you have pets at home. You can see what's going on when you're playing but when you're not there all sort things can happen at night, dead bugs can be a real nuisance on the cloth, covering the pool table will provide peace of mind, a simple yet very effective habit.

No.5 - REGULARLY CLEAN YOUR POOL BALL SET : Over time pool balls accumulate chalk residue and dust, cleaning them regularly will help tremendously to have a consistent playing experience as well as extending the shelf life of your pool table cloth. Aramith Ball Cleaner is excellent in serving that purpose, it will help to keep the balls shiny and remove chalk residue.

Aramith Ball Cleaner Before/After

These simple tips are very effective and will surely contribute to keep your cloth for a longer times. Check out our selection of cloth and ball set below.

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