New Predator Revo Shaft

It’s been heavily requested and it’s finally available ! Although Predator had a head start by being the first to introduce the billiards world to a high performance Carbon Fiber Shaft, others like Cuetec and Mezz followed the footsteps adding a few tweaks there and there, one of the most notable one being the addition of a white ferrule on both the Cuetec Cynergy 15k Shaft and Mezz Ignite Shaft.

Following the push from the community, Predator came up with an innovation of its own. Instead of adding a white ferrule, they decided to go with a white vault plate which answers the request of players in need of a better sighting point when aiming with the shaft. Unlike the ferrule, the white vault plate is lighter and therefore contributes to reduce the front end mass of the shaft resulting in less deflection.

The most accurate billiards shaft in the world now has the option to come with a White Vault Plate for those that want extra sighting help! Available in 12.4 or 12.9 Uni-Loc

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