With a legacy spanning nine decades, Bonzini is more than just a company. It has grown to become a national brand, one with an expanding international presence. Here are 5 reasons to choose a Bonzini Table.

No.1 Cross generation entertainment

As the uncontested leader on café foosball tables since the post-war years, Bonzini enjoys a special place in the hearts of generations of players who want to share the excitement and experience of playing on these exceptional tables with the younger generation.

Today’s young players will carry on tradition by playing Bonzini tables and sharing their experiences with their own children and grandchildren, like the generations before them.

No.2 Cultural Icon

The unique, striking shapes of the Bonzini tables, with their original colour scheme of a natural wooden cabinet, black legs, green pitch, red rails, and blue and red players created by Raymond Bergaglia in 1959, have become people's mental image of foosball.

With their chic and user-friendly design, the Bonzini tables are built for the perfect playing experience and maximum fun and excitement.

Their combination of colours and shapes have become the standard for table football - so much so that many have tried to copy or imitate them, without ever achieving the same results.

No.3 Quality & Durability, Tradition & Innovation

Bonzini’s blend of craftsmanship with industrial and technical expertise makes the brand unique. That legacy enables Bonzini to be imaginative, creative and regularly develop new innovations while preserving the traditions that have made the company what it is today.

The company's heritage also means high-quality, 100% French production of all products; an eco-friendly approach using 100% French materials; and incredibly durable products with a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a 40-year life expectancy

Bonzini Babyfoot Table cabine

No.4 Worldwide partnerships

Over the past several decades, the brand’s reputation and high profile as well as its expertise in customization have led to numerous special partnerships with businesses, artisans, artists, and institutions (Berluti, Mama Shelter, Perrier, the CMN, the SNCF, and more) seeking to develop projects which turn Bonzini foosball tables into marketing devices, works of art or technological icons, creating new ways to experience the game.

Those partnerships have put the company in the international spotlight, and Bonzini now exports 38% of its production to Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

No.5 The Brand of Champions

Because Bonzini is the historic choice of most professional players, the B90 ITSF table is the (only) French table approved by the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) and the FFFT (French Table Football Federation) for all major national and international competitions, including the world championships, French championships, world cup, French cup, international open tournaments, etc.

Bonzini is the long-standing market leader and its tables are considered the gold standard in table football. With their generations of fans, they have acquired cult status and become the icons the Bonzini brand is built on.