In this guide, we will go through the 3 signs that will help you to be 100% confident that you are purchasing Genuinee Strachan Cloth.

No.1 - Strachan Stroud logo 

The original Strachan Stroud logo with the cloth style name appears every two metres on the back of the cloth.

Strachan snooker cloth golden logo

No. 2 - Black digital print

A unique roll number and the cloth style name appears on the back of the cloth which aim to assist the product's traceability.

Strachan cloth serial number

No.3 - Woven edge

" Made in England and Genuine pure quality Strachan 6811 " This appears on the back of Strachan cloth and identifies it as either Club (red border) or Tournament (blue border).

Strachan woven edge

Strachan woven edge

Here below are some examples of fake 6811 Club cloth that is currently circulating in the market.

Strachan original vs copy

Strachan original vs copy

Only purchase your Strachan Stroud Snooker cloth from an authorized dealer in order to guarantee the cloth's authenticity.