Blue Diamond Chalk Gross Box of 50 Pieces


Contains 25 boxes of 2 pcs. total of 50 chalk pieces.

Engineered in Italy by Longoni and made in USA, used by top professional and amateur players the world over created from a Longoni secret formula for over 30 years and has just now been discovered by players in the USA. Blue Diamond chalk is like a magnetic for cue tips, even on hard to hold chalk tips like Phenolic, and will cure most all your miscue problems allowing you to get more English on the cue ball.

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The Blue Diamond Chalk is the most required billiard chalk worldwide. Developed by Longoni to meet the demand of players for the perfect chalk. Built with a high level of quality to produce a creamy chalk that sticks extremely long on a cue tip, shot after shot. This Blue Diamond Chalk features:

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  • Provides better English on every shot and increases your game performance
  • Available in Blue color
  • 25 Boxes of 2 pcs. total of 50 chalk pieces.

    Additional Information
    Additional Information
    Brand Longoni
    Ordering Lead Time In Stock
    Color Blue
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