Cornilleau 700M Crossover Sport Outdoor Table Tennis Table


An athletic look, high-performance and solid materials, exclusive features ... There is no need to say that the design and equipment level of this brand new 700M Crossover allow no compromise. It will firmly and distinctively fit your home and will provide you with a unique playing experience. You will also be stunned to see how thanks to its innovative and astonishing big twin wheels, the table can be easily moved and obstacles safely cleared. Attention to detail and an impressive and distinct design tend to confer the 700M Crossover a nonstandard personality that will immediately take you into a new dimension.

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Product Description
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The playing surface is 8mm giving perfect bounce (in photo: from 4 to 8mm). The MATTOP outdoor grey resin laminate coating reduces 10 times sun glare, the panel is made of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) conceived to sustain bad weather also shock resistant making them ultra-durable.

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  • The patented "Compact Technology®" system ensures optimum safety, easy movement and minimizes storage space.
  • Corner protection pads: Soft protection pads are added on each corner of the table to guarantee maximum safety for your children.
  • The DSI 16 locking points system using a central release handle, the table is fully locked in playing and storage positions. The highest level of safety on the market!

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  • Double Wheels Oversize Special Outdoor: 200mm in diameter twin wheels, combined with their ultra robust design offer unique clearance, manoeuvrability and flexibility. 4 brakes provide better stability during the game and greater safety when folded.
  • Adjustable leg pads: 120mm in diameter leg pads giving the table a perfectly levelled playing surface

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  • Easy Track x2: This handle enables you to easily lift the table over any obstacles (step, edge of the terrace, doorway)
  • Retractable Net: The net swivels automatically between the two panels when you close the table, further optimizing storage space and providing better safety when stored.
  • Racket Holder & Balls: Racket holders and ball storage space have been added to the sides of the table in order to store 4 rackets and 8 balls.
  • Ball Dispensers: Always get a ball on hand with these ball dispensers placed next to the players.

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Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Cornilleau
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Use Outdoor
Tops Color 157 807 Grey
Table Top Thickness 8 mm.
Frame Height 60 mm.
Coating MATTOP
Playing Surface Resin Laminate
Safety System DSI
Official Approval FFTT Leisure
Class C
Corner Protection Pads Yes
Net Retractable
Bat Storage 4
Ball Storage Yes (+ ball dispenser)
Playing Dimension L 274 x W 152.5 x H 76 cm.
Storage Dimension L 168.3 x D 76.5 x H 155.5 cm.
Weight 98 kg.
Packing Dimension L 157.1 x W 141.4 x H 15 cm.
Packing Weight 111 kg.
Warranty 10 Years on table tops, with exceptions (wheels, net, and net posts).
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