Cuetec Natural Serie 723


The Cuetec Natural Serie 723 has a Black 4 prong design with silver outline on a Birdseye Maple forearm connected to an intricate black, silver, and brown pattern of oval and hourglass graphic designs. The same intricate black, silver, and brown pattern of oval and hourglass graphic designs is on the butt sleeve. 

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Cuetec Shaft Construction by Thailand Pool Tables

The Natural Inlay Series from Cuetec cues feature an exclusive Tiger Everest 10 layer laminated tip which grips the chalk better, providing the ultimate cue ball control and consistancy. Its cushioning effect provides the optimum cue ball/cue tip contact time resulting in less vibration and deflection while maximizing cue ball control and accuracy without sacrificing energy. Exquisitely designed with computer cut veneer inlays of exotic hard woods and Abalone shell. The shaft is a 15.5” Pro Tapered S.S.T. shaft with the exclusive Tru-Glide finish. Joints are polished stainless steel and they have either genuine Irish linen wrap or a wrapless handle.



Tip – 13mm Tiger Everest Tip 
Ferrule – Polycarbonate Ferrule
Shaft – SST Low Deflection Shaft
Taper – 15.5" Pro 
Joint – 3/8"-14 Stainless Steel
Forearm – Rock Hard Maple
Butt Sleeve – Rock Hard Maple
Stain – Natural Stain
Wrap – No Wrap-Natural Stained Rock Hard Maple
Butt Plate – Stainless Steel Plate

Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Cuetec
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Tip Size 13mm
Standard Tip Tiger Everest Tip
Tip Material 10 Layered Pigskin
Shaft Type Cuetec Super Slim Taper (S.S.T.)
Joint Type 3/8x14 Thread
Joint Collar Stainless Steel
Shaft Taper 15.5" Pro
Cue Wrap No Wrap - Maple
Wood Type Maple - Hard
Cue Type 2-piece Cue, 1/2 Joint
Weight 19oz
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