Elephant EZ Shot Training Ball 2 1/4"

Elephant Balls

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player looking to strengthen your game, the E-Z Shot Cue Ball gives you the edge to become the player you want to be.

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Elephant Balls
Product Description

For Beginners - The E-Z Shot Cue Ball is ideal. The simple-to-use lesson booklet walks you through key exercises designed to develop basic skills quickly. Unlike a plain white cue ball, The E-Z Shot's trademarked design provides vivid visual feedback on every shot so you can see what's happening and make adjustments immediately. This allows you to learn faster and because you learn on every shot - you'll never be bored! In no time, instead of watching, you'll be playing and having fun!

For Experienced Players - You'll appreciate the way the E-Z Shot helps you identify and correct problem areas in your game. Follow the exercises and increase your consistency. Make the E-Z Shot part of your warm-up before matches and see greater cue ball control, stroke accuracy and improved position play.

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Additional Information
Brand Elephant Balls
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Game Type American Pool
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