Stern Pinball Guardian of the Galaxy Pro

Stern Pinball

This pinball offers a dynamic, challenging, and galactic environment where Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot battle Ronan to stop him from using the Infinity Stone to destroy the galaxy.

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Availability: 60 Days

Stern Pinball
Product Description
Game Features :
  • Original score music composed by Ken Hale
  • 8 interactive game play modes
  • HD video scenes from the original film
  • High fidelity sound system
  • Groot bash toy with motorised jaw
  • Groot 4 ball lock mechanism
  • Guardians of the Galaxy bar target
  • Ball scoop kickback
  • 2 Control gate divert mechanisms
  • 3 RGB LED multicolour pop bumpers
  • 4 Flashing LED Ramp mini Mars Domes
  • Powder coated black wrinkle finish legs
  • Separate Treble and Bass adjustment
  • SPIKE-2 electronic system with switching power supply
Additional Game Features :
  • Static Rocket figurine
  • Static Orb Toy in open position with illuminated infinity stone
  • Drop target with trip coil virtual ball lock
  • RGB LED lockdown molding hadron enforcer (smart button)
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Stern Pinball
Ordering Lead Time 60 Days
Table Dimension H 192 x W 69 x D 140 cm
Weight 114kg
Packing Dimension H 142 x W 79 x 79 cm
Packing Weight 127kg
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