Kamui Clear Black Pool Cue Tip 14mm Medium


Imported from Japan, the Kamui layered tip consists of 100% Japanese pig skin leather. Kamui is the cutting edge of pool cue tips. With its unique production process, the tip maintains high porosity in the pig skin, allowing the Kamui tip to grip onto chalk. Each layer is carefully laminated creating uniformed quality and performance. This lamination and compression process allows Kamui to be a competitive force, higher than the industry standard.

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Product Description

Also, huge developments were made in the flatness of the bottom layers and how those layers take on adhesives; this makes installation a breeze! With these new advancements, a better bond is created between your cue and tip making them play as one in perfect harmony. For enhanced cue performance and maximum English your decision should be clear. Upgrade your tip to a Kamui Clear Cue Tip today!

(M) MEDIUM - The Kamui Clear Black Medium is adjustable to most conditions and offers a good balance between the cue ball spin and its momentum. Suggested first to all players who understand the relation between spin and momentum.

Kamui Clear Original Cue Tip Features:
  • Achieve further consistency by limiting the glue absorbed into the bottom layers of the tip.
  • No sanding of the bottom layer is needed.
  • Easy installation due to the flat surface of the glue side.
  • Minimal amount of glue guarantees a perfectly aligned installation to achieve the designed tip and cue performance.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Kamui
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Color Black
Game Type American Pool
Tip Size 14mm
Hardness No
Tip Material 8 Layered Pigskin
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