Magic Ball Rack 8 / 9 / 10

GR8 Billiards
The Magic Ball Rack will give you a consistent perfect tight rack every time. This is a paper thin rack specifically engineered this way so it can hold the balls in place before the break, offering minimal interference when the balls roll over it.
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GR8 Billiards
Product Description
  • Gives a Perfect Rack in 15 Seconds or Less
  • Saves Table Cloth Wear
  • Easy to Store and Travel With
  • Made with a Special Grade Plastic Material
  • 0.14mm Thickness
  • Weighs Less than a Piece of Paper
  • Clear Black Film Color
  • Durable
  1. Place template on the footspot, please make sure the template is aligned correctly.
  2. Place the balls on the template into position
  3. Make sure all balls are tight and touching, sometimes this requires just a small push with the fingertips.
  4. Enjoy and break with a perfect rack.
  5. Remove the rack after the break; if a ball is slightly sitting on the edge of the rack you can still slide the rack out with ease. If there is a ball sitting directly on the rack leave it in place until that ball has been moved during play.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand GR8 Billiards
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Game Type American Pool
Color Black
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