Northern Rubber Snooker L77 Cushion Set

Northern Rubber

Dating back to the original vulcanisation/curing process, Northern Rubber by Hainsworth cushions have provided an outstanding quality which players and professionals alike, have chosen for over a hundred and fifty years.

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Northern Rubber
Product Description

Northern Rubber cushions use only the best hand-tapped Malaysian rubber, from a natural and refined formula specifically designed for its rebound ability. Northern Rubber keeps 7,000 different formulas and ensures the rubber matches each and every specification set.

Northern Rubber developed the current formula in association with the World Professional Snooker Association. Hainsworth’s innovation and testing laboratory ensures that the rubber is always performing, with the latest O-Zone resistant materials. The rubber does not seep out vital ingredients which result in the cracking and deadening of the rubber, caused by O-zone degradation.

Unlike other manufacturers, Northern Rubber by Hainsworth is vulcanised/cured separately to the extrusion process, each set of rubber being put into its own mould for curing. This controlled method ensures the shape and density of the rubber, maintaining a perfect rebound every time with no air pockets.

  • High end ingredients, using O-zone resistant materials
  • 25 year product guarantee
  • Tested for rebound ability, hardness, elasticity and specific gravity
  • New Technology which ensures the mix of the ingredients is perfect before entering any stage of manufacture, eliminating the risk of dead spots along the length of the rubber
  • Separate machine vulcanisation massively reduces the risk of swelling, controlling the shape of the rubber after extrusion
  • Maturation periods after each process, based on years of expert knowledge and experience, ensuring the perfect bounce for the velocity and weight of the balls.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Northern Rubber
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Color Black
Size 12ft
Game Type English / Snooker
Cushion L77 Profile
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