Ice Hockey Air Hockey Coin Operated Table

Ice Air Hockey Coin Operated Table - This attractive and bright air hockey table will certainly attract the attention of all customers !

The  Air Hockey Table comes with many game features such as Overhead Table Lighting, Durable Aluminum Body, Chasing LED Lights and Side Puck Sensors along its Polycarbonate Glass Playfield, which is visually appealing and virtually scratch free !

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Ice Air Hockey Table Features :

• Strong, Durable Aluminum Body
• Scratch-Free Polycarbonate Playfield
• Easy To Read Time and Score Display
• Cool Neon Overhead Scoring & Lighting
• Brilliant Blue LEDs Surround Puck Releases
• Awesome Chasing LED Lighting Along Playfield
• Side Sound Sensors + Center Safe Guards
• Easy Game Sound Volume Adjustment
• Dual Coin Acceptors 
• Lockable Cash Boxes and Single Key Entry
• Adjustable Ticket Dispensing Feature (Can Turn Off)

Table is equipped with a special "attraction mode", which plays music to attract attention to the table from passing customers. All table settings such as volume, pricing, number of tickets, score, etc are easily adjustable, and comes with a lockable cash box and a double key entry.

Includes FREE Table Supply Kit containing (10) Pucks, (4) Rubber Gripped Hockey Mallets and (1) Table Polish Spray


Length - 87 in.


Width - 46 in.


Height - 70 in.


Weight - 380 lbs.

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