Sunglo Shuffleboard Maintenance Kit

Includes all necessary items to keep your shuffleboard in like-new condition (when used as directed). Step-by-step instruction sheet included.

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Includes the following 4 items:


1- Spray Cleaner (19 0z.)

May be used as needed, depending on play frequency. Its purpose is to quickly remove dirt and grime from the play surface.

2- Combination Liquid Cleaner & Polish (1 qt.)

Combination removes the grit and grime from the pores of your board.

3- Master Glaze (1 qt.)

Master Glaze will add a protective coating which allows for an exciting playing field on your board

4- Paste Wax (1 lb.)

Paste Wax fills any scratches or cracks in finish of your board. Recommended usage is once every other month.

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