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When buying your Pool Jersey with us, you are sure to be getting absolutely the best Billiard Jersey in Thailand. The feeling is a very soft touch feeling, with expandable and stretchable fabric while ensuring the colors are vibrants.
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GR8 Billiards
Product Description

In this design we incorporated some of the top brands in the billiard industry, with the approval and consent of all these brands to be featured on our Jersey. We have also added a Thai feel to it with a Thai Flag above a dotted map of Thailand in motif on the back, did you notice the map?

As for the number 8 on the front, it is not only in reference for the 8 ball game that we all love but also it is a sign of good luck in Chinese and other Asian cultures.

Pool Jersey BLK - Pink pool jersey shirt by thailand pool tables


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Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand GR8 Billiards
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Color Black
Packing Weight 0.24kg
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