Predator Arcos II Reserve Pool Ball Set


Developed in partnership with Aramith, the world's best pool balls maker, Predator is set to bring in a new advanced ball set with the aim to revolutionize how the game is played, as it did with Pool Cues. The new Arcos II Balls will help you to elevate your game making it much more enjoyable. This innovative ball set features a higher content of PRC (phenolic resin composite) along with vibrant colors optimized for video and a distinctive cue ball.

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Product Description

The Arcos II’s 8-point Performance Pillars are key to creating tighter racks that deliver optimal breaks and more runouts. Just like Predator Cues, our balls use state-of-the-art technology to eliminate the rogue variables that could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Predator Arcos II pool balls are rigorously tested through the production process for:

  • Tight Weight Tolerances
  • Dimension
  • Perfect Balance
  • Roundness
  • Hardness
  • Physical Appearance
  • Surface Finish
  • Crisp Color


Thanks to an improved formula, Arcos II balls are designed to be the most accurate balls possible offering optimum durability, roundess and balance.


The higher PRC content allows the Arcos II’s allows for a more efficient energy transfer. 


Every set of Arcos II Balls is meticulously inspected by hand and tested for consistency throughout production.


Since Phenolic Resin Balls last 5x longer than Polymers or Polyester Balls, So, the Arcos II contain an EVEN HIGHER PERCENTAGE of phenolic resin than any other ball, they are cured multiple times over a longer period of time to produce harder, more durable balls. Even the cue ball has a higher phenolic resin content, which creates a distinct sound on impact.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Predator
Ordering Lead Time Call for lead time
Size 2 1/4"
Game Type American Pool
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