Quick-Clean Micro Fiber Wiper

Use the Micro Fiber Wiper with -Clean Cloth Cleaner for a cleaner pool table. The spray creates a positive charge on your table and the microfiber has a negative charge, so they are attracted to each other. You can clean your table in 60 seconds.

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The combination of -Clean and the Micro-Fiber Wiper allow you to clean your table in 60 seconds.


How To Spray

Stand at the side pocket and point the can at a far corner. Hold the can about 24 to 36 inches off table. When you begin to spray, have the nozzle of the can pointed slightly off the table. Sometimes an aerosol can will sputter a glob just as you begin to spray. By pointing the can off the table it prevents globs from landing on the table. I will talk about the can spitting and sputtering at the end.

FULLY depress the nozzle and immediately start a SMOOTH sweeping motion down the length of the table. When you get to the end just make a SMOOTH turn and come back down the center of the table make another SMOOTH turn and cover the remaining section. Cover the entire table in three passes.

  • Do not shake can while spraying
  • Squeeze the trigger tightly
  • SMOOTH and steady is the trick
  • Watch where the mist hits the cloth . This will make it easy to tell how much spray you are using and whether you are applying an even coat.
  • When you start to spray, aim the far edge of the spray at the cloth on the railings, this gives you just enough over spray to wipe off the edges of the table.
  • By using some footwork it will also help with the SMOOTHNESS. I take a step left and right to help me spray the length of the table. I also move away from the table, as the spray pattern gets closer to me.
  • Hold the can at the same height off table while making all the passes
  • Three passes on a nine-foot table works the best. The height that you hold the can off the table adjusts the width of the spray pattern. The higher that you hold it the wider the spray pattern.
  • Wipe the playing surface first than wipe the railings. I RECOMEND THAT YOU WIPE THE TABLE OFF IN 60 SECONDS.

Spitting Sputtering and Globs

Sometimes the spray will give off a small glob of mist. When this happens it will leave a small damp spot that it will evaporate without leaving a mark. To prevent a damp spot just use the towel before you wipe the table and pick up the glob. If you wipe the glob rather picking it off the table you will end up with a wet spot. You should not have a problem with globing until you get to the last quarter of the can. (This is typical of all aerosol cans). When the can gets low, I tell people to clean their table at night. This allows the table plenty of time to dry. This is the only time that I shake the can while applying the cleaner. You do want to use all that is in the can.

> Added Bonus: You can clean the Irish Linen grip area and the cue shaft, too. Just put some -Clean on a rag and cover the area to be cleaned. Then wipe it off using some pressure. It's just that easy.

> Stains: Yes it will take out most stains. I do not sell it as a stain remover because some stains won't come out. I was at a pool hall and the waitress spilled a tray of drinks on two tables. I got all of the stain off of one table and was not able to do much with the other table. Who knows?

I will tell you how to remove stains.

Hold the can about a foot from the table and spray the stained area. It will look like a pile of shaving lotion about an inch thick. Let the foam set for several minutes or until it becomes dirty. Notice the white foam will turn the color of the stain. Take a piece of stiff paper and slide under the foam so that you are picking up the dirty foam and not wiping it into the cloth. Repeat several times. Let the cloth dry over night and clean the entire table the next day. Repeat the process if needed.

Homeowners love it because they stay clean and their house stays clean. No more chalk dust on their furniture.

> The Clean Wiper Instrutions




  • Divide your table into four tracks lengthwise as illustrated above.
  • Wipe track # 1 from one end to the other and back again in opposite direction.
  • Wipe each track in two directions, up and back.
  • Move to track #2 and wipe up and back.
  • Move to other side of the table and wipe tracks 3 and 4 in the same manner as tracks 1 and 2.
  • Wipe off railings with either a clean towel or your wiper.
  • Wiper works best when walking backward and pulling the wiper.

Note: When wiping up the table be sure to place the wiper under the railings at both ends of the table. When wiping tracks 1 and 4 make sure the side of the wiper goes under the side railings.


To clean your wiper, wash in warm soapy water. Use electric dryer if available.


Note: After several cleanings wiper works well wiping only one time down each track move this under where it says Wiper works best when walking backward and pulling the wiper.


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