Silver Cup Chalk Pink Box 12 Pcs.

Silver Cup

Silver Cup Pink Chalk features a precise formula and composition for an accurate stroke without costly miscues. It has become the solid choice of amateur tournaments, professional tournaments, recreation players, home tables, and of course, trick shot artists, who rely on the proper chalk to get the right friction, grip, spin, and results.

*Price is for one box of 12pcs of chalk

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Silver Cup
Product Description

Silver Cup Chalk is one of the highest quality pool cue chalks on the market. Silver Cup Chalk coats pool cue tips smoothly, evenly and is manufactured to assure adherence to the cue tip and reduce costly miscues. Players of all levels can rely on Silver Cup Chalk to give them the right friction, grip and spin…the right results. Silver Cup Billiard Cue Chalk is acclaimed by both professional pool players and amateur pool players alike and is the exclusive billiard cue chalk used in many of the most prestigious and lucrative tournaments televised around the world. Players competing in that arena demand the finest billiard cue chalk. So should you! 

Silver Cup Billiard Cue Chalk, Inc. was founded in 1990 with the goal of producing a professional grade billiard cue chalk unsurpassed by any others. Silver Cup Billiard Cue Chalk are made from the finest quality sand mined only in the United States. Just the right amount of moisture and additives produce the highest quality billiard cue chalk to be found. You will be impressed!

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Additional Information
Brand Silver Cup
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Color Pink
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