Simonis 860 HR Tournament Blue Cloth (Per Meter) 165 cm


Simonis 860 HR™ billiard cloth is a true hybrid, the weight of 860 and the composition of 760. It offers the best compromise between the ball control and the speed of your cloth

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  • 7ft Coin Table = 2.2 m, 7ft Home use = 2.3 m

  • 8ft = 2.9 m, Oversize 8ft (English pool table) = 3.3 m

  • 9ft = 3.5 m

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Product Description

Simonis 860 HR™ Billiard Cloth is the choice of champions and has led the industry for years. Simonis Cloth – has been manufactured in Verviers, Belgium Since 1680. Simonis 860 HR™ billiard cloth is known for its high resistant, optimal thread count, high wool content and unique methods of production provides the greatest accuracy and consistency offered today in the industry. This explains why Simonis has remained the the reference for cloths for generations.

Simonis offered the first worsted cloth for billiards introduced years ago. Worsted constructed cloth means that there are no short fibers that can release (shed) from the cloth to form "pills" or fuzz-balls that have to be removed from the play-field in order to allow the ball to roll straight.

For consistency in play and true rolls, Simonis cloth is the choice of champions.

Simonis 860 HR™ Cloth Characteristics

  • High Resistant
  • Nap-free. will not pill, fluff or shed.
  • 70% wool/30% nylon; ± 410 g/m²
  • Widths: 165 and 198 cm
  • The most durable commercial-grade billiard cloth made. Heavier than 760, napless, tough as nails, yet still providing the true Simonis roll.

Simonis 860 HR™ Cloth Plus/Minus Specifications

  • + : increased accuracy comparing to 760
  • + : increased speed comparing to 860
  • + : increased durability comparing to 860
  • - : burn marks

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How Do I Keep My Cloth Looking Better and Playing Better Longer?

Keep your Simonis cloth playing and looking better longer with the new Simonis X-1® chalk dust removal tool!

Simonis plays better and last longer all the while allowing you to play your best. After spending thousands of dollars on your pool table you don't want to skimp on the most important factor to your enjoyment of the game. Cover your table in the best, Simonis Billiard Cloth.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Simonis
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Game Type American Pool
Color Tournament Blue
Table Dimension Width 165 cm
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