Stern Pinball Star Wars Comic Art Pin

Stern Pinball

This new stylish and affordable version will immerse you into the universe of George Lucas creation and battle to restore justice to the Galaxy. Packed with features providing a unique and irresistible playing experience, this Pinball has everything Star Wars fans could dream of.

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Stern Pinball
Product Description

Game features :

  • Commercial quality flippers
  • 3x pop bumpers
  • Slingshots, metal ramps and rails
  • 3x drop targets, onto spinner, ball locks, LCD display
  • Spell F-O-R-C-E to assemble the Rebels and increase your score in the battle to destroy the Death Star
  • 3D folded TIE fighter and Death Star
  • 4x unique multiballs
  • Complete missions including Pincess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2
  • Iconic lines from the original trilogy characters
  • R2-D2 ball lock creates “steal your opponent’s multi ball” strategy in multi player games
  • Passive R2-D2 two ball lock feature enables R2-D2 multi ball with Aa-A-Ball target
  • 2x steel ramps : the left ramp launches the ball into the interactive molded Death Star

Additional features :

  • Traditional full size translite
  • HD LCD display for game scores, movie clips and animations
  • Color changing LED playfield lights
  • Pinball plunger and auto-launch feature
  • Powerful SPIKE electronics system enables HD graphics and innovative animations
  • Easy to clean, service and maintain
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Stern Pinball
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Playing Dimension H 192 x W 69 x D 140 cm
Table Dimension 114kgs
Weight H 142 x W 79 x 79 cm
Packing Dimension 127kgs
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