Uniloc Joint Pin


Quick & easy, the Uni Loc Quick Release joint system is by far one of the most popular joint type and was one of the first true innovation in the industry. Fitted in the butt of the cue, this Uni-Loc Pin will allow you to use any shafts using this same joint system.

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The one-turn-on / off Uniloc joint system has one of the major innovation in pool in more than 100 years. This patented joint system originally comes in Stainless Steel and is more accurate than the regular threaded joint. Here are some of the features :

  • One turn on /off system
  • Precise engineering with 360°of equal pressure around the joint
  • 30 times more accurate than a standard joint
  • 100% interchangeable with other Uni-Loc shafts or butts
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Additional Information
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