VDarts Mini Plus Coin-Operated Electronic Dartboard


With up to 30 games in total, you will surely have endless fun whether you are playing with family, a group of friends, or even by yourself.

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Product Description
14 Inch Touch Screen Panel

The VDarts Mini Plus's touch screen is now larger and better! The touch screen display has been upgraded to meet the needs of both businesses and players. Attach a larger monitor for the best gaming experience for you and your guests!

The 14 inch touch screen is now larger and better

LED Smart Target

This revolutionary LED target will help players with their focus and training. With the help of our LED target, you’ll be able to enjoy and quickly learn how to play a variety of dart games.

With the help of the LED target, you'll learn quickly how to play a variety of game modes

Innovative point calculator and targeting system

No more calculating of how many points still needed to win the game, the LED target will guide you all the way.

The LED target will guide you on how many points are still needed to win the game

Laser Line

The laser line technology is easily adjustable so you can conveniently set up the throw line with no hassle at all.

The laser line will help you to easily set up the throw line

Coin Acceptor & Card Reader

The coin acceptor can be configured to accept coins of any currency. Players can use member cards to keep a record of their ratings and rankings as well as select exclusive background effects for a more personalized experience.

The coin acceptor takes coins of any currency

Noise Reduction

An extra layer of sound-absorbing cushion was added in order to deliver the quietest board in the market.

The quietest board on the market

  • Brand Name: VDarts
  • Model: Mini Plus
  • Category: Commercial wall-mounting dart machine
  • Voltage: AC 220 V
  • Size: 99.5 x 54.8 x 7.4 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand VDarts
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Color Black
System Coin-Operated and Card Acceptor
Type Electronic Dartboard
Category Commercial Wall-Mounting Dart Machine
Connection Bluetooth: 4.0; Support: OpenGL 2.0
Compatible [ android devices ] Processor: Quad-core 1.2G; RAM: 2GB; Operating System: Android4.4.3 or later versions
[ apple devices ] iPhone 5s/iPad Air 2/iPad mini 2 with iOS 9 or higher
Power Supply AC 220 V
Dimensions H 99.5 x W 54.8 x D 7.4 cm
Weight 20kg
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