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Outdoor Table Tennis Tables from Thailand Pool Tables





Thailand Pool Tables is Thailand's leading Billiard, Snooker and Games retailer. We also supply Cues, Balls, Felts, Accessories and provide all types of repair and moving services.

We are proud to have the largest selection of game tables in Thailand. Our professional team of experts is here to help guide & assist you in all your inquiries. Our strong commitment remains to provide the highest quality tables & accessories at the lowest prices possible. 

Our team of qualified & well trained technicians provide all after sales services and repairs to all models of Billiard, Pool, Snooker, Foosball and other games. We deliver tables all over Thailand. Visit any of our branches of Phuket Pool Tables, Samui Pool Tables and soon our Bangkok Pool Tables.


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Our Best Sellers

  • Predator Sports 2 Ice With Wrap 20,080.00 BAHT
  • Diamond Pro-Am 7ft Rosewood Pool Table 208,000.00 BAHT
  • Diamond Pro-Am 8ft Rosewood Pool Table 218,000.00 BAHT
  • Diamond Pro-Am 9ft Rosewood Pool Table 228,000.00 BAHT
  • Diamond Billiards Pool Ball Cleaner 32,000.00 BAHT
  • Diamond Billiards Professional Lights 36,000.00 BAHT
  • Diamond Billiards Triangle 2,200.00 BAHT
  • Diamond Cue Rack with Shelves 7,900.00 BAHT
  • Diamond Pool Table Leather Cover 8,900.00 BAHT
  • Diamond Pro-Am 8ft Pool Table 218,000.00 BAHT
  • Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor Table Tennis 45,000.00 BAHT
  • Texas Rustic Pool Table 8ft 115,000.00 BAHT
  • Tornado T3000 Foosball Table (Free Play) 71,000.00 BAHT
  • X-Men Outdoor Pool Table (Any Colour) - 7ft 120,000.00 BAHT
  • Texas ShuffleBoard 14ft 120,000.00 BAHT
  • The LOFT Rustic Dining Pool Table 8ft 119,000.00 BAHT
  • Bonzini B90 Home Foosball Table 105,000.00 BAHT
  • Mood Outdoor Pool Table (Any Colour) - 7ft 120,000.00 BAHT