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Cloth Change

Do you have old felt? Weather wear and tear or an accident we can help you!

We can replace your damaged felt for a new one. We use premium grade 22 oz. felt; in a variety of colors. Quality felt, durable, money and time saving as compared to lower quality felt which tends to tear, and wear out faster leading to more frequent changes. Our experts along with our high quality durable felt can rejuvenate the look and play of your pool table!

Keep your pool table looking great

  • New felt application to pool table bumpers and slate.
  • Choose from a variety of colors.
  • Most colors in stock – allow 2-4 day delivery time for colors not in stock.
  • New bumper application on most tables also available.

Our service includes the following:

  1. A dedicated team will carefully remove the existing cloth from the slate bed and the cushions.
  2. They will clean the slate and cushions in preparation for the new cloth.
  3. The cloth will be stretched over the slate and a new baulk line and spot position will be marked.
  4. The cloth will be brushed, the cushions refitted and the table will be professionally recovered.