Aramith Snooker Champion Training Ball 2 1/16"


An Aramith training ball specially for snooker. Supplied 52mm, 2 1/16 inch, standard snooker size, comes with full instructions. Improve your spin, screw, stun shots, get better with angles and overall start winning. Concept designed to be used both at home and at your club!

6 Reasons to Choose Aramith™ Billiard Balls

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Product Description

This set includes:

  • A genuine Belgian Aramith training ball with 2 different patterns to improve both potting skills and cue ball control.

    1. Front pattern for potting practice: the training ball is used as an object-ball and helps you to learn and master the vital 5 basic-potting-angles and their equivalent shots: full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 ball and thin cut.

    2. Rear pattern (rotatable) for cue-ball control practice : the training ball is used as a cue-ball and helps to learn or improve all shots striking the cue-ball on its vertical centre line and all sidespin shots.

  • 1 plastic "cue-ball-disc": lets you use the training ball at home as well.
  • 1 Snooker-Champion instruction booklet: including 1 "home-practice-pocket" (picture on the back page of the booklet) clearly and simply shows how to use the Snooker-Champion Practice ball set both at home and at your club!
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Additional Information
Brand Aramith
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Game Type Snooker
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