Diamond Billiards Dual Pool Ball Cleaner

Finally, a ball polisher that really works!! DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS, INC. introduces the new DIAMOND Ball Polisher. This is the only polisher in the world that actually spirals the balls as they spin. The dual spinning platters are lined with carpet and accommodate 16 pool balls. The free floating sprockets keep the balls from banging together as they rotate. 



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Product Description

Cleans 16 Ball at Once.

  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Replacement carpet kits available to purchase
  • Carpet is secured with Velcro for easy replacement
  • Balls will not fly out
  • Plug it in, set the timer and walk away
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Recommended cleaning with Aramith Ball Cleaner and Restorer
  • Simple. Reliable. It works
  • Great for Billiard Halls and Pool Rooms
  • Holds up to 16 balls
  • Min cleaning cycle: 1 minutes
  • Maximum cleaning cycle: 30 minutes
  • 220 volts


We recommend running an initial clean and polish cycle for 10-30 minutes to break in the unit. This will allow the balls to rotate freely and the cylinder will spin at normal speed. During the break-in time you may see the unit spin slower at times until the unit has been fully broken in.
For normal cleaning, run the unit from 5-10 minutes. For heavier cleaning, run for 15-30 minutes or longer. The timer can be set to run a maximum of 30 minutes.
For best results, use no more than 1 drop of polish per ball. Also it is better not to add polish to each run since some polish will remain on the carpet wall.



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Additional Information
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