McDermott Lunar Rock Ball Set 2 1/4"


This state-of-the-art set of Elephant Lunar Rocks™ were engineered for the Hollywood motion picture “Pluto Nash” starring Eddie Murphy. The silvery moon rock texture combined with stylized oversized numbers make these balls unlike any on the planet.

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Elephant Lunar Rocks are precision crafted for perfect size (2.25”), balance, roundness (within .001”) and weight (4.25oz). The high-gloss finish and premium grade materials reduce table cloth wear.

This new state-of-the-art set of Lunar Rocks was engineered for the Hollywood motion picture "The Adventures of Pluto Nash", starring Eddie Murphy. Lunar Rocks® displays perhaps the most unique designed ever applied to a billiard ball. Each ball is a one-of-kind work of art. The mysterious and provocative story behind how these rocks made it to earth is revealed on the round packaging.

These balls weigh approximately 1.5 oz less than regulation weight.

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Additional Information
Brand McDermott
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Game Type American Pool
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