Poison Black Widow 2-1 Pool Cue


Poison Black Widow Pool Cues

Beware of the Widow’s Bite. This cue features chopper and supercar inspired designs and is crafted with revolutionary materials including ultra strong Syntek Fiber and Uni-Loc® technology, making it just as lethal as it is beautiful. This cue has alternating White Points top and bottom wtih Metallic Black Widow Spider. Completing the cue is Acid etched & hand painted hour-glass collar & butt cap.

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Product Description

The Poison Cue Black Widow Series One - BW1 contains lethal levels of style and performance. Hall of Famer Jeanette Lee, also known as the "Black Widow," has joined forces with Poison Billiards to create the revolutionary Black Widow series of cues. Additionally, the Venom 2 Shaft features Double Density Technology, which uses two different densities of wood within a single shaft for optimum playability and stiffness. Dominate the competition with Poison's latest diabolical concoction - Black Widow Series One Cues! The Poison Cue Black Widow Series One - BW3 features:

  • Alternating White Points top and bottom  wtih Metallic Black Widow Spider
  • 29" 13mm Venom 2 Shaft with Double Density Technology and Venom 2 Pro Taper
  • Sarin Layered Tip by Tiger Products
  • No Wrap
  • Uni-Loc Bullet Joint

The Ultimate Arsenal

How's this for putting some bite into your game? No competitor in its class comes close to the Venom2 Shaft that tops off every Poison cue. Venom2 cue shafts are designed with Poison Cues exclusive of making the pockets wider (along with making your opponent's eyes wider with each shot you sink). When you've got Venom, friend, you have no excuses.

Shaft Information

Every potent Poison in the line of Poison Cues is topped-off with a 29”, 13mm Pro-Taper shaft that incorporates Double Density (DD) Technology. The Double-D method uses two different densities of wood within a single shaft for optimum stiffness and playability. The Double-D method enhances accuracy by designing each cue shaft with two different densities of wood. This little secret is your all-access pass to best-in-class playability, and the other player’s toxic ticket to the Losers Circle.

Tip information:

Sarin the why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-before tip. The Poison Venom shaft is crowned with the exclusive Sarin tip. With a .6” ferrule, the Sarin is composed of eight distinct layers, so when the first five blue layers are worn down, the bottom three red layers become exposed, telling you it’s time to replace your tip.

Joint Information

Bullet joint Quick-Release system, made by Uni-Loc.

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Additional Information
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