Tornado Football Table Light Kit

The light attaches on the "scorekeepers" via the base plate of the light stands, the light base plates measure 3-1/2" x 12". This lighting system will work with old and new style score keeps on the Tornado tables.
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Product Description
  • Rigid, strong, and durable injection molded stands made with glass filled nylon plus rubber graft polymer.
  • "Full Kit" includes low profile American Fluorescent shop light and Westinghouse clear bulb protectors.
  • System provides exceptional table lighting conditions with no overhead glare for players and minimal obstructions for spectators.
  • Big and small tournament directors may find the light's small size, lightweight construction, and multi-unit discounts desirable.
  • The simple, effective, and modern design provides a sculpturally elegant addition to your table.
  • Stand Material: Injection Molded Glass Filled Nylon Plus Rubber Graft Polymer
  • Stand Color: Flat Black
  • Usable Light Fixture Sizes: 48”-52” long, +/- 8.5” wide, 2” to 6” high
  • Light Fixture: Although many fluorescent light fixtures can be used with this light, to take full advantage of all the light features the Performance Plus Shoplight by American Fluorescent is recommended and is included with this light "Full Kits".
  • Light Protectors: Clear polycarbonate tube light protectors
  • Full Kit Includes: Includes 2 Stands, 1 American Fluorescent Shop Light Plus, 2 Light Tube Protectors, 2 Large Straps
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Additional Information
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