Aramith Tournament Black Pool Ball Set 2 1/4"


Used for the very first time during the Mosconi Cup 2019, the new Tournament BLACK set combines the very best of pool ball quality with an innovative, trendy and groundbreaking "black" design (patent pending) that contributes to extend the shelf life of your pool table cloth by reducing white burn marks. With a life-time that exceeds up to 8 times that of the average polyester and phenol-like resins, reaching easily up to 40 years in residential use, Aramith ball sets are the logical choice.

6 Reasons to Choose Aramith™ Billiard Balls

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Product Description
  • Optimal rebound: the molecular structure and elasticity of the Aramith resin assure optimal rebound for a perfect control of every shot and reduce the risk for kicks.
  • Ultimate in balance: The perfect homogeneity of the PRC (phenolic resin composite) in the plain as well as in the numbered part of the ball guarantees a perfectly true and accurate roll.
  • Very strong and scratch resistant: Withstands over 50 times more impacts and is far more scratch resistant than any other balls. Holds its high gloss polish longer than any other balls.
  • Less burn marks on cloth: Resists at the instant friction temperature of 250°C when the ball slips into motion. No abrasion or flat spots on the ball that accumulate dirt and wear the cloth!
  • Extended Shelf Life: Easily maintained with the Aramith Ball Cleaner, the Aramith Balls will last up to five times longer than any other ball set.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Aramith
Ordering Lead Time Call for lead time
Game Type American Pool
Packing Dimension L 25 x W 25 x H 7 cm
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