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25 Years of Excellence: Our Unique Features of GR8 Billiards Pool Tables

25 Years of Excellence: Our Unique Features of GR8 Billiards Pool Tables
February 1, 2024 64 view(s)
25 Years of Excellence: Our Unique Features of GR8 Billiards Pool Tables

As we embark on this journey, let's explore the exceptional features that define GR8 Billiards and set us apart in the world of pool tables. From the choice of materials to the after-sales support, our commitment to innovation shines through. Uncover the reasons why both enthusiasts and professionals place their trust in GR8 Billiards for an unparalleled gaming experience. GR8 Billiards transcends being just a brand; it stands as a legacy, meticulously built on a foundation of unwavering quality and customer satisfaction.

7 Points to Consider our GR8 Billiards Tables

1. Superior Build Quality: At the core of every GR8 Billiards pool table is a commitment to superior craftsmanship. Constructed using the finest American hardwood, our tables boast not only elegance but unmatched durability. The wide frame design provides unparalleled stability, ensuring a level playing surface that stands the test of time.

GR8 Billiards Commander pool table hardwood foundation
Photo of GR8 Billiards Commander pool table hardwood foundation

2. Premium Slate Bed from Rasson: Elevate your playing experience with the premium slate bed sourced from the renowned brand Rasson. GR8 Billiards takes pride in offering a lifetime warranty on the slate bed, a testament to our confidence in the quality and durability that this material brings to the game. Choose from 3-piece or 1-piece slate options to tailor your table to your preferences. Our Authentic 3-piece slate tables feature a robust 1" thick or 25mm Diamond Honed slate with wood-framed support, providing unmatched stability and a perfect roll.

GR8 Billiards Mustang pool table 3-piece slate type with wood-framed
Photo of GR8 Billiards Mustang pool table slate 1 inch thick.

3. Innovative Table Leveling System: GR8 Billiards introduces a new era of precision with our innovative table leveling system. Featuring bolts underneath the slates up to 16 points for accurate leveling, our tables ensure a consistent and flawless playing surface. Say goodbye to uneven rolls and hello to a game that's as precise as your aim.

GR8 Billiards Commander pool table bolts slate leveling
Photo of GR8 Billiards Commander pool table bolt leveling under slate

4. Customization Options: Express your unique style with GR8 Billiards' extensive range of customization options. With over 100 styles and sizes ranging from 7, 8, to 9 feet, our pool tables are designed to be a reflection of your taste. Choose the finish, felt color, and details that resonate with your vision, creating a personalized masterpiece that enhances your gaming space.

Discover the perfect pool table size that fits your needs and complements your space: Finding the Right Fit: Understanding Standard Pool Table Sizes

5. Unparalleled Variety: Explore a world of possibilities with GR8 Billiards' diverse lineup of over 100 models. Whether you prefer a classic, contemporary, or avant-garde style, our collection has the perfect table to complement your space and elevate your gaming experience.

6. Lifetime Warranty and Customer Satisfaction: GR8 Billiards stands behind the quality of our pool tables with a lifetime warranty on the slate bed. This, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction, has built a community of loyal customers who trust us for their gaming needs.

For detailed information about our warranty, please click here: GR8 Billiards Warranty

7. Exceptional Post-Sale Support: Experience peace of mind with GR8 Billiards' exceptional post-sale support. Our commitment extends far beyond the purchase, offering unwavering assistance for table parts and dedicated service for all our models. Rest easy knowing that your GR8 Billiards pool table is not just a purchase; it's an investment backed by our dedicated support team. We are always within reach to assist you with any queries or assistance you may need, ensuring that your gaming haven remains in top-notch condition throughout its lifetime.


Choosing a GR8 Billiards pool table is not just about acquiring a gaming accessory; it's a declaration of your commitment to excellence and a legacy that spans over a quarter-century. Elevate your game with the finest materials, innovative features, and timeless design – choose GR8 Billiards.

Ready to transform your gaming space? Explore our extensive collection of GR8 Billiards Pool Tables and bring home a piece of gaming perfection today!

GR8 Billiards Terminator Black pool table in the staff's common area at an office in Bangko

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