Cornilleau Excell 2000 Carbon Table Tennis Bat

The Excell 2000 and its "Offensif" coating accentuates your strong point: power strokes. Confidence is a key asset for table tennis players, and this bat will offer you security and peace of mind. Its speed will enhance your topspins, while its adherence will allow your serve to shine. With the Excell 2000, which has received the ITTF label, you're ready to go on the attack.

excell 2000 standard

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Product Description
  • Competition Speed ******: This very dynamic 2mm foam ensures a very high speed play
  • DYNACELL: This optimization of the nature/structure dimension of the sponge material is the key to new levels of performance in terms of rendering energy. This key technology now has a name : DynaCell.

excell 2000 speed

  • Competition Spin: The ITTF Performa 2 rubber ensures a perfect transmission of spin.
  • Opti Feel Concept: The wooden fibres of each ply, perpendicularly positioned in relation to others providing increased stability. The OFC provides the maximum sensation, an immediate gain in control and precision.
  • Efficient Curve: Made of 90% natural rubber, the Efficient Curve top sheet achieves an unrivalled degree of grip on coverings this fast.
  • Carbon Technology: The 100% carbon insert present on the handle/paddle attachment increase the rigidity of the bat and enable more power in the game.

excell 2000 concept


5-Ply Competition Blade: This 5-ply blade will provide you both sensations and speed play.

excell 2000 material


AERO SOFT enables optimum transmission to the handle of shock waves created on impact with the ball. The hand's sensory system, with its improved touch interface, immediately processes the sensations necessary to provide the perfect response!

excell 2000 handle

Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand Cornilleau
Ordering Lead Time In Stock
Speed 9/10
Spin 9/10
Control 6/10
Type Blade OFF+ / 5 Plywood
Sponge Thickness 2mm
Rubber ITTF Performa 2
Handle Flared
Concept Carbon Technology - Aero Soft - OFC - Dynacell - Efficient Curve
Weight 168 g
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